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Correctly Releasing Snapmirror Relationships

Posted by Joe Thompson on June 7, 2011

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been tidying up a NetApp backup configuration and have repeatedly hit the same issue when removing snapmirror relationships.

Each time it’s taken me a long time to find the solution, but for ease of my memory next time round, here it is reproduced from the NOW site in full:


A snapmirror relationship has been deleted from FilerView or the snapmirror.conf file, but the relationship still appears under “snapmirror status”.

Snapmirror release fails with “no releasable destinations.”


Take the following steps to correctly delete a snapmirror relationship:

  1. Quiesce and break the snapmirror.
  2. Run “snapmirror status -l” to find what the base snapshot is:
        destfiler> snapmirror status –l test_dst
      Snapmirror is on.

      Source: fsrcfiler:test_src
      Status: Broken-off
      Progress: –
      Lag: 00:04:20
      Mirror Timestamp: Wed
    Jun 17 15:18:02 EDT 2009
      Base Snapshot:
    srcfiler(0101168974)_test_dst.5 <— this is the baseline snapshot
      Current Transfer Type: Scheduled
      Current Transfer Error: None
      Contents: Replica
      Last Transfer Type: Scheduled
      Last Transfer Size: 76 KB
      Last Transfer Duration: 00:00:04
      Last Transfer From:
  3. Delete the baseline snapshot from the source filer’s volume:
        srcfiler> snap delete test_src srcfiler(0101168974)_test_dst.5
         Run “snapmirror release source_vol destfiler:dest_vol” on the source. This will delete the baseline snapshot on the source volume as well.
  4. Delete the schedule from snapmirror.conf on the destination filer, or delete the schedule from FilerView under Snapmirror -> Manage.After a minute or two, run snapmirror status. The relationship should no longer be present.
        destfiler> snapmirror status test_dst
      Snapmirror is on.


Occasionally, a stale, orphaned entry remains in snapmirror status on the source filer:
  Source: sourcefiler:volume
  Destination: destinationfiler:volume
  Status: Transferring
  Progress: 0 KB
  State: Source
  Lag: –
  Mirror Timestamp: –
  Base Snapshot: –
  Current Transfer Type: –
  Current Transfer Error: –
  Contents: –
  Last Transfer Type: –
  Last Transfer Size: –
  Last Transfer Duration: –
  Last Transfer From: –

On the destination filer, the volume has been deleted and the relationship does not show up.

The solution is to issue the snapmirror release command from the source filer. This command will result in the following output:

sourcefilername destfilername:destvol: No release-able destination found that matches those parameters. Use ‘snapmirror destinations’ to see a list of release-able destinations.

However, the orphaned snapmirror relationship will be removed.


4 Responses to “Correctly Releasing Snapmirror Relationships”

  1. ixtech47 said

    nice one…. came across this issue about a week ago. with your helpful article it is now fixed.. Thanks

  2. Laurent said

    Very helpful. I had issues with my snapmirror configuration and now it’s resolved. Thank to you !

  3. Satish said

    it worked for me. thank you for the article.

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